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                           A Black mess   and     a silver lining      

Why serious preachers should upgrade
 with my thesis ?

Uprightness is not only a major quality, but it’s mainly what the collusion does not want to be submitted to, since Rome’ radicalisation against the pre-existing Orthodoxy in 1054, and against the then potential Protestant community, in every fields, i.e. science and techniques, law and culture. (August 1st 2012)


The Nelson touch

Fundament of Britishness

The spirit of Dunkirk

Fashion in Paris

French culture is “ the most important culture after the good one” of course” (Hugh LAURIE, C à vous, 25.07.2012)


Judgee HALPHEN’s understatement

About Lords’ role

Redacted by

Pierre-Richard CROCY


The Union Flag

British culture


For preachers


and teachers

Black Hole of Spirituality, getting out of that mess

Whatever “French bureaucracy and its intricacies”, English has already become a worldwide Esperanto, and I do not doubt British philosophy of Citizenship, in the end, to enlighten the world from the heights of Super-Cannes and its lost funiculaire

§  Good manners do count “alongside mathematics” [1]

There is “a widespread misconception(Court of the Lord LYON) in France that loyalty would be only a question of fidelity toward a person, a group, a clan. Media currently report obvious disorders as facts of loyalty to some deviate authorities. Some French academics in the French part of the online Wikipedia encyclopedia suggest with their overcasting “psychological project” that there is no other meaning.  This is completely false for the simple reason that loyalty  is not only a question of morality but a question of morality and intelligence.

Droit mécaniste et droit juridique
liés par la même autorité !

Plus de rigueur intellectuelle plus que jamais utile


Face à la collusion des insuffisances contre le droit, le bon moyen de permettre aux conservateurs britanniques de retrouver le sommeil passe par plus de rigueur intellectuelle et consiste d’une part, à savoir affirmer en quoi il est juste de priver un prisonnier du droit de vote, et d’autre part, à nourrir le droit par-dessus les faiblesses accidentelles du milieu conservateur britannique, relayées par les crimes intellectuels institutionnalisés par la dérive de la laïcité française.

Dans ces conditions, une école digne n’a jamais été aussi nécessaire. (13 sept. 2012)

The fact that intelligence is being such a long way  to promote instead of fiction, especially in France, does absolutely not allow anybody to doubt that that the earth actually revolves around the sun, for nothing but fiction is more difficult to place instead of the truth, as Newton says.

English has become a worldwide “Esperanto” (linga franca) yet, thus giving a true chance to peace in the world. And Internet should provide convenient enough automatic translations for most of my detailed explanations in French.
All back to black, but a silver lining
Keeping awake not to sink. Forever. No doubt about fake attitudes. No doubt either about a right way to put it. And to get out of it. (20 may 2015)
§  About simple English

English has made the dream of Dr. ZAMENHOF come true all over the world. And simple English is perfectly adapted for European administration, under the condition that … (more)

§  English and French both necessary

The difficulty for non British natives to understand British natives speaking among themselves does absolutely not mean we should ignore the advantage of simple English and make a new Babel’s tower out of Europe.

The Latin roots of Esperanto, in the centre of French technocracy wishes, are not even as important as those of  English !

French will to ignore British culture, as well as English, is less understandable that good reasons to increase French authority in the world do exist !

But it is so huge that French academics don’t even seem to be aware of it !


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[1] According to the expression of Katrin Bennhold, in the International Herald Tribune page 1, issue of Novembre 29, 2008